Celebration of International day of person with disabilities

Yesterday we celebrated the international day of persons with disabilities in Mkuru Kwa Njenga. It had been raining the whole night before, which is a big challenge for the persons living with disabilities because the roads are not practical for them to move around on when it’s been raining. That shows how a rainy night can become a huge challenge for a person with disabilities. At last we were a total of 86 person celebrating this special day.

With this celebration we wanted something fun for the kids and adults. So firstly we had a couple of games of football. Later the kids played more games and the celebration was concluded by a speech.

Kituo had a great time celebrating this important day and realize the importance in celebrating person with disabilities.



Christina Malmgren

Advocacy, Governance and Community Partnerships Programme


Published by

Kituo Cha Sheria

Legal Advice Center

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